Books! Only for the book corner?

B O O K S  Only for the book corner ??

Making books accessible.

Consciously awareness of where & why ?

If you walk into any Curiosity Approach setting, books are an important part of our continuous provision. 

Not solely reserved for the book ‘corner’ !

Books are a valuable resources which are embedded throughout our settings.

They extend, enhance.

They allow children to research & connect thoughts and thinking.

They allow children opportunity to handle books without being expected to go over to the ‘book corner’

Let’s face it (in traditional educational settings ) this may be an area of the room that’s predominately been used for formal ‘TEACHING’ time?

Educational planned carpet/ circle time that’s a top down approach? Eg phonics, letter of the week. A top down Approach ?

Let’s consider - Maybe unwittingly we have or are turning children off, going to this book area ? 

Because, it’s a place they have to sit and have teaching ‘ done to them ‘?

It’s no longer a place they choose independently but a place that signifies, sit still, listen, sit down, stop fidgeting, look at me and even the archaic instruction of fingers on lips ( please no ) 

Perhaps we are using looking at a book as a time filler to gather everyone together & reset the room ?
Are therefore, all these seemingly harmless events, conditioning our children to see the book corner as a place that is no longer a place of peace, tranquility, quiet retreat , love of books - but a place of FORMALITY, instructions & having to conform ?

Another way ?

What if we celebrated & demonstrated our LOVE of books and stories throughout our settings, no longer confided to a ‘single’ area of the room ?

What if we ensured that books were seen as an integral part of children’s day & empowered children to pick up a book, without having to be in the designated book ‘corner?’ Regardless of where they were in the setting ?

At The Curiosity Approach we believe , this in turn would allow children extended opportunities to handle books, to hold & turn pages. To understand their immense value & to to begin a love affair with books that continues long into adulthood?
To learn books are not items to be swiped like an iPad but handled with care and respect. Children can only do this if the access books & practice these skills through repetition ( not isolated to 15 minutes before lunch or going home time )

Isn’t it our job to teach our children through our OWN conscious decision making ?
Understanding WHY we do things & to also see, how some of our actions can subconsciously turn children OFF reading books TOO !

* To clarify YES, we still have our cosy book areas, places & spaces children can retreat and sit quietly to read or look at a book! However books are not solely in isolation- they are EVER WHERE