Are you in the habit of presenting play dough to children?

Play dough ‘making’ station

Are you in the habit of always presenting dough to children ready made ?

Miraculously it appears on the play dough table each day?

What if we told you that you’ve missed a wealth of opportunities, for children to learn, understand & be part of the process from beginning to end ?

Allowing children to make their OWN dough.

It won’t be perfect ? So what .

It’ll be messy ? Big deal .

It’ll need cleaning up ? Again part of the process .

Learning doesn’t happen in pockets of isolation, it doesn’t happen at ‘Table Top’ activities either!

There are thousands ( & we mean thousands) of quality teaching and learning moments that happen throughout a day.

We have to stop only valuing the traditional ‘activities’ the planned events & predicted tasks

SEE the wealth of potential in our continuous provision.

In a process from beginning to end.

To begin with an adult will model, demonstrate, show, explain, scaffold & support playdough making. However the aim is to remove ourselves & allow independent competent capable children to make their own dough each day.

Our job is to give children the skills that they can do things independently & not to just miraculously present or do things for them !

A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.’ –Thomas Carruthers

Another image of play residue to enjoy ❤️