Hope for 2021

Do you need a message of HOPE ?

Winter solstice, planets & stars 

“The turn of the year's tide, a pivot-point & a day of hope -- when the dark stops rising & the sun begins its slow climb back.

We sure need all the light we can get right now...’” quote by Robert Mcfarlane

At The Curiosity Approach®️ our modern day pedagogy is inspired by Waldorf, Nature, Mother Earth & our connection to the changing seasons & time.

Today is a day for Awe & wonder 

Today not only marks the longest night of the year & the shortest day. It’s the ‘turning of the sun’ as the days slowly start to get longer.

How amazing is this ?

That after such a year of struggle and anxiety, nature sends us messages of HOPE & wonder 🌟 To keep the faith - time may seem to pass so slowly, but incredible things are still happening

How amazing that the *Winter Solstice has arrived *

At The Curiosity Approach we give reverence to nature, to see the amazing messages given to us from our incredible planet & the ever renewing cycle of life.

This year MoRE than ever LIGHT is ever more visible & prevalent with not only Winter solstice being celebrated today but the incredible phenomenon when the planets Saturn and Jupiter are aligning. 

These 2 planets are the largest in the solar system and some of the brightest in the night sky. 

This incredible celestial event has not seen for 800 years & will not been seen AGAIN for another 400 years ! 

So if you are in need of some messages from nature, to give hope & renew your faith that these dark days will pass.

Then look to the night sky 

Be CURIOUS ? See if we you can spot as Jupiter and Saturn align. 

Many are calling it a super Bright Christmas STAR 

Surely we all need a glimpse of Wonder ?

Looking to the sky as ‘perhaps’ the Three wise men & the shepherds did as they headed to Bethlehem ?

WHATEVER your faith, culture, festival or belief LIGHT is important to us all! Whether Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire, Hanukkah & Christmas. This Autumn term has seen the evidence of light through them all 💫🌟

Let us seek hope & faith in the turning of time & this incredible planet upon which we all reside.

The Curiosity Approach is much more than aesthetics, carboot treasures & recycled materials. It’s a modern day approach moving beyond academics & traditional approach to Early years. We step away from topics & themes & embrace nature & all the gifts it has to offer ! 

*These thoughts and reflections are subject to copyright & we kindly request you credit our words and text ©️*

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