Where did all the chairs go?

Where did all the chairs go ? 

At Curiosity Approach® settings we understand the impact of an ever increasing sedentary life style for our youngest children.

We therefore make a conscious, mindful decision to stack and store the chairs during the day.

Bringing them back out at meal times, the snack table and placing specific chairs at our free marking table. 

Yes it takes extra effort and yes it’s an additional job to complete, but at Curiosity Approach® settings we look to a child and heart centred approach.

We give 100 % to create optimal opportunities for the children we serve.

Yes, to begin with children will want to drag the chairs back  - this is because they have become accustomed to sitting down!

They are developing core strength, strengthening muscles, balance and coordination.

They want to retreat to a sedentary state, but we need to encourage opportunities for physical development wherever possible. 

Allow children to work at different heights and levels, to become grounded if working on the floor, settled, stable and secure.

The ability to stretch and  move, to cross the midline & move the whole body as they play!

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