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Monthly Inspirational Resource

Every month you can purchase our beautiful resource to inspire your team of curious practitioners or display to inform parents and carers.

At The Curiosity Approach, our aim is to inspire Early Childhood Educators through exquisite imagery and useful teaching and learning to ignite passion and love for your career in Early Years.

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Curios Magazine

Change the ordinary

A resource designed to make the “ordinary" more meaningful and special.


Inspiring ingredients

Featuring a different “ingredient" each month.


Informative poster

Each issue opens out into an informative A2 poster to inspire and inform.

What to expect in

Every issue of curious

Stimulating Poster

Each issue opens to reveal a visually stunning, informative A2 poster, ready and perfect for you to display in your educational setting.

Design your own inspiration station

Don’t just keep it to yourself… use your poster and all its tips to create your own Inspiration Station, and help influence all those around you with our inspirational magic!

Create a "wow factor"

Every feature in each issue of Curious is specially designed to help create a “wow factor” within any provision or education setting.

Versatile and unique design properties

Every issue features timeless tips and ideas that won’t go out of style any time soon, meaning that each issue can be kept and referred back to in the future.

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Why we believe

You'll love curious

At The Curiosity Approach we wanted to create a beautiful resource that not only informed but also excited and empowered others to provide children with the opportunity to be inquisitive and creative…

So we created ‘Curious,’ our monthly inspirational resource that is a feast for the eyes of not only practitioners but parents and families too. It is versatile in its use; display the poster to create an “Inspiration Station” or use it in your team meetings to provoke discussions, igniting passion and excitement amongst the team. We invite you to explore Curious’s many ways of use to help create those curious “thinkers and doers” of the future.

Stephanie Bennett & Lyndsey Hellyn

Directors, The Curiosity Approach

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Some kind words from

Our curious subscribers

“A wonderful simple resource that can be shared with parents or displayed in our setting.”

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Andrea Booth

Andrea's Childcare

“The unopened blue envelope stirs all kinds of curiosity within all the adults of the setting. If we can be so passionately curious at this age... just imagine what's going on in the kiddies minds. We open it together with awe and wonder.”

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Maimuna Khan

Maimuna's Home

“We all eagerly await the blue envelope coming through the door. Everyone looks at it together before it is used as a lovely resource to enhance our setting.”

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Carla Blackburn

Tinkle Bugs Childcare


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